Lay by me and we'll erode, as gently as we can
The names is Chris.
I'm 16
I love MGMT and Scott Pilgrim.
I want Puppies, like small dogs.
I am spiritual and devine believing.
Take a walk on the wild side.
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Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.

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me:seriously, i'd rather spend my nights at home watching lok until 3am than spend my nights outside and feel bad about it because i'm not like this
my father:*aggressively nods*

The Avatar dies in Avatar State & Comes back 

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every time i remember that zaheer demanded korra’s life and put her in chains and marched her off to die for his dumb, stupid, super dumb reason - brilliant wonderful glorious korra, who was only just starting to become herself at seventeen years old, bright…


This isn’t balance, it’s m a d n e s s.

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After a wonderful National Public Lands Day weekend, we would like to thank the many volunteers who joined in our efforts to help take care of America’s public lands nationwide. 

Now go enjoy your public lands! Here are some of our favorite fall foliage photos across BLM managed lands. 

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those were the days guys

When tv was worth watching

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